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                                     Masterful Wisdom

As I sit in conversation each day with my kindred Spirits, the Great Masters of The Source Light Healing, I am honored as they bless me with their profound wisdom and guidance. Although much of this channeling will serve as transcript for my next book, the Great Spiritual Masters have urged that I share some of this sacred wisdom on my site, as it can benefit humanity at this time. I will update periodically as I am so guided. Blessings Dear Souls.


We are spiritual beings first. That blessed spirit is housed in a physical vessel. If one or the other is out of balance, then we are not aligned to go forward on our journey and life becomes laborious.

To synchronize the balance in all facets of one's being is "the way". The Source Light Healing is a full circle practice. It is the physical body that, ultimately, perishes but the spiritual self lives on. The physical body is simply to house the spiritual self as one finds "the way" to navigate their journey.

In order to maintain a state of balance, it is best that we nourish the soul and the body. 

Spirit guides that many in the human realm nurture one and not the other, sometimes even to the extreme, creating an imbalance. This can generate a sense that we are doing so well because we eat a certain way, take our supplements, go to the gym, etc. when we might, indeed,  be neglecting our spiritual self. We look to the mirror, and see the visual of our physical vessel to critique our appearance, observe muscle mass, weight fluctuation, etc., meanwhile we are unaware of the apparent energetic imbalances and/or blocks that manifest within the spiritual self.

In the course of a busy life we can push aside (or inside) emotions or issues that we feel we are too busy to tend to.  These emotions, stuffed away, create blocks within our energy field. Our chakras, our energy centers, become stagnant or blocked so we can no longer have free flow of energy throughout our system. Without even realizing it, we are operating completely out of balance. We may even have a sense of feeling "off" and not know why. They blockages can eventually manifest to the physical level and become more difficult to manage. While balancing what and how much we eat, taking supplements, going to the gym, "the way" to a fully balanced life includes the nurturing of our spiritual selves too, our soul, which includes the clearing of our energy pathways.

To fixate on the physical without nurturing the spirit creates imbalance. We can heart center, for instance, and know whether or not we are exercising for better health and strength for our bodies, or if we are ego centered and putting too much emphasis on appearance and therefore pushing ourselves to excess. The same can go for food. Imbalances can stem from eating too little for the sake of appearance when what we really need is more nutritionally sound food or eating to excess because our ego pushes us to feed into low self-worth. More is not always better, and this can apply with the over consumption of supplements, too, to the point that we tax the body to process all of them, or, exercising to the point of straining muscles or sustaining physical injury.

When we nourish the spiritual self, we can live in a higher state of consciousness, the heart-centered consciousness, where we are self-aware. This is so important. "The way" we can each find our place of moderation with all things lies within The Source Light Healing. This is where you are cleared of all that does not serve you and you are brought to your authentic state of love, where you have self-compassion and your knowing, your Source given intuition, is heightened. You are balanced so that you can navigate your journey aligned in your higher state of consciousness.

When we live from a place of allowing our spiritual selves to take the lead, all else falls into place. All we have to then do is go with the flow of the Universe. This is "the way".

The Great Spiritual Masters: Balance lies within the souls of those who rise out of the state of complacency and ease back out of urgency. To heart center in order to be aware when one is leaning too far in either direction is "the way" to find one's balance. "The way" to connect to one's higher self, in a state of heart-centered consciousness is through The Source Light Healing.

Blessings Dear Souls


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