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"The ear is only a petal that grows from the heart. 

When we hear each other it all becomes a garden."

My Certifications:

Creator/ Master/Minister of The Source Light Healing
*I am the creator of The Source Light Healing.
I am a minister of The Way.
I am an Intergalactic Master Healer.
I am an Incarnate Angel.
I am a strong Empath and a Seer.
Most of all, I am an enthusiastic student in this Earth Classroom.
Through the personal teachings and guidance of The Spiritual Masters of The Source Light, for the purpose of healing and uniting humanity within The Oneness, where we reside in the Universal Light with the knowing that we are never separate from The Divine. 

Certification: Master/Teacher
*Comprehensive proficiency of the modality and its principles, fully qualified to practice and pass on the healing art of Kundalini Reiki. 

Certification: Advanced Level Attunement

Certification: Higher Steps to Transformation



I am humbled and grateful to have been granted my spiritual ascension by Source, and graced with the opportunity to bring the gift of  The Source Light Healing to humanity. My gifts allow me to see and feel what you do, so that I can provide guidance in a deep and personal way.

My Earth realm purpose is to support, heal and inspire those who walk through my door. We need each other. We heal each other. We are here for all of us!

I am fortunate to have a circle of seniors whom I have adopted as my family. They light up my life as they share their wisdom and many years of life experience.

I am the plant lady; Mother Earth is my Guide and her offspring energize my home . I rest in awe of all that Earth Mother provides. 

I love, love, love food! To eat it, prepare it and share it. I have made it my "business" to create healthy foods, for all food sensitivities, so that all can enjoy and eat to their heart's content.

I am the caregiver to my adult special needs daughter who lives with me.  She is mentally and physically challenged, which brings its own unique demands every day. I have witnessed the shift in other caregivers through this sacred healing. 

I am married to the love of my life and true soulmate, who is unwavering in his love and support.

I live in gratitude for my soul cluster, all of whom have come into my life at just the right times. I cannot wait to see who comes in next!

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