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"We are all broken, that's how the light gets in."



By making your appointment, you agree to the following: 

  1. I understand that the consultation and session is solely for my personal growth, support and education and not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical attention and is not intended as such.  

  2. You are receiving treatment for dis-ease at a spiritual level. 

  3. I support you in your healing on many levels, but it is not intended to be a replacement for your current medical care.

  4. Please refrain from wearing harsh perfumes or chemical scents for appointments as the healer and some of her clients are highly sensitive.




Come to my studio for a chat! I'd love to get to know you and work with you to design a plan for your path forward to healing, increased happiness and well being!


I offer full circle healing sessions providing ample time for healing, spiritual guidance and support.

Allow 2 hours for each appointment. My fee is $150.

Beyond 2 hours and up to 3 hours an additional fee of $65 will be added.

Alternately, all services and healing sessions can also be provided distantly.

Payment required on or before Session/Service date for In Person appointments.

Payment required at time of booking for Distant Sessions. Payment can be made on the Payments tab/link above or a Paypal invoice can be sent.


New! Available Now!

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It is my honor, through the guidance and tutelage of The Spiritual Masters, to have created the Source Light Healing as a rare and unique gift to humanity. I am living my destiny with soulful intention.  

The Source Light Healing offers the unique and powerful "experience" of connecting to "The Oneness," the core of life, where spirit lies within us and where we know we are connected to the Divine.


Through my own healing journey, I opened up to my angelic incarnation. This enabled me to build a personal relationship with The Spiritual Masters who have honored me with the mission of bringing the Source Light Healing to humanity at this much needed time. The Masters tell me that the Source Light Healing is more than a modality. It is providing a positive Universal shift and you are invited to take part. This is your opportunity to arrive at your enlightened true self.

The Source Light Healing (SLH) provides you with:

A deep clearing of those energies that do not serve you. This effectively encompasses all blockages at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual leaving you emotionally balanced and in the pure state of love. All emotions not of love stem from fear (stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, anger, self-worth issues , addiction, etc.).

All of your chakras (the energy centers in your body) are opened, cleared and brought to full vibrancy and optimal functioning through sacred geometry so that you can experience an even flow of energy throughout, bringing you into a state of balance.

Your heart center is opened, purified and filled with Source love; love of self and all. 

Your consciousness is synced with your heart center so you reside in your true state; fearless.

You receive the deep Universal energy to clear what might be starting to manifest physically, with a focus on what has already begun to manifest.

Through the healing power of The Masters, your connection to The Source, you are recharged and realigned, empowered to continue your Earth journey in a more enlightened and balanced state.  In "The Oneness," you are never separated from the Divine. The light within you is illuminated and expanded, bringing you into a state of renewed grace , strength, and growth. As you return to the arms of Mother Earth, she steadies you on her Earth plane. You then go forward into your journey in the light, cleansed, balanced, in a state of pure heart centered consciousness and love. As my healing Masters, who have gifted me with the privilege of bringing the Source Light to all who will receive it, communicated to me:

"The planet is in need of the Source Light, carry it forward"... and it is my great honor to do so.

When you are open to receiving the Source Light, the beloved you can blossom and open up more fully into your own gifts and destiny. Doors, you did not even know you had, can open!

Session Time (Including Spiritual Guidance and Support):  $150

Activate LOVE

al correct.jpg

First, who wouldn’t want to Activate Love! 

In an Activate Love Healing Session the goal is to return us back to our true soul form by activating in the body physical purification and emotional balance.  This can assist you in walking your path of healing enlightenment, allowing you to be more connected to spirit and leaving you with a sense of peace and well-being. The way to healing is to stay on the path of love; love of self and love of all creation. 

My heart remains grateful for Activate Love. It served me well, providing a stepping stone along the path of my own higher journey, as I climbed the steps to my ascension. 

Session Time (Including Spiritual Guidance and Support):  $150

integrated energy therapy®

OIP (2).jfif

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is a safe, nurturing, gentle light touch healing modality that opens the flow of vital life force within the human body and energy field.  It will empower and balance your life by helping you to release past patterns, which are stored and suppressed in your cellular memory, thereby causing blockages.  These blockages are released on all levels. Once the blockages are cleared during your session they are replaced with a positive imprint in its place, leaving your energy system clear and in balance so that you can go forward in life on a clearer path.  The more your energy body opens and the vital life force can flow freely through it, the closer you move into a natural state of being. So why not get the issues out of your tissues in a nurturing, gentle way, before it manifests into something more. It is a light touch process, lying or sitting comfortably, but can be done hands free if you have sensitivities.    Session Time (Including Spiritual Guidance and Support):  $150

kundalini reiki


Kundalini Reiki is the gift of the Ascended Master Kuthumi brought to earth by Ole Gabrielsen.  Master Kuthumi can assist with seeking higher wisdom and to use that knowledge for the highest good of all.


Reiki means: “Spiritually guided life force energy.” Kundalini Reiki is different from traditional Usui Reiki in that it is a more grounding and intense form of healing.


Kundalini derives from the Sanskrit word for “coiled up” or “circular power” and is an individual’s basic evolutionary force.  Each of us is born with some of this energy already flowing. Kundalini has its own sense of direction.  Its natural flow is up the spine and out the top of the head; and along that path it brings new awareness. By awakening the energy within us we can realize our true nature and embrace our full human potential.  Much as a plant reaches toward light, the Kundalini pushes us to reach for enlightenment.


Kundalini Reiki heals on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level bringing us back into alignment with the Universe. In a Kundalini Reiki session we work to awaken the Kundalini and draw the earth energy up through your root chakra, continuing up through your major energy systems.  It encircles and clears all the chakras, releasing blocks and allowing energy to flow smoothly.  It is a very grounding and intense form of healing looking to release blocks that prevents us from functioning optimally.


Kundalini Reiki can reduce the level of stress in an individual, help overcome emotional problems, and help with grounding.  It helps an individual experience increased awareness of the changes you want in your life.  It is a personal transformation tool, helping you to get in touch with your Higher Self to find answers within. It is a light touch process, lying or sitting comfortably, but can be done hands free if you have sensitivities. 

Session Time (Including Spiritual Guidance and Support):  $150 


Please Note: There is a $55 Cancellation Fee payable for appointments not cancelled  within 36 hours of your appointment time (emergencies considered) as compensation for the pre-session work I do with Spirit prior to each appointment in order to personalize your healing/guidance. Thank you for your understanding.    

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