My Studio

Holding Hands With Open Hearts

A Center for Healing:

Mind, Body & Soul


I thought it was noteworthy to share how my beautiful studio manifested.  Sometimes I still cannot believe it myself!


Along the path of my spiritual ascension, I made a Vision Board.  On my vision board I placed a picture of a sweet little building; my depiction of a studio I might find a space to rent in. In conversations with my husband, I had discussed the idea of wanting to find a space to rent, but he had never seen my vision board. I was also sharing with him that various friends had to leave their rental spaces due to rent increases, distance from home or other issues.

I had scheduled eye surgery and unfortunately it was fraught with complications, and in fact left me without vision for quite some time.  I ended up needing a total of 4 surgeries and I still need corrective glasses at times. I now know that the spiritual message, in my long year of very limited eyesight was to stop, heart center and “see what I was not seeing” . So during that time, I delved deeper into my spiritual practices.


During my surgeries, as I soulfully connected to my spiritual work, my amazing soulmate took it upon himself to draw up a plan; the plan for my studio!  My husband is not an architect by trade. The plan just manifested itself through my him.  He hired the crew, trees were cleared from the side of our property and the studio was created.  I never stepped inside until it was done.  Only then did I show my husband the picture on my Vision Board, and only then did we both notice that in that picture there was a man on the roof of the little building, with a hammer!  Remember, it was just a picture (or so I thought) I used to depict the building I would “rent a space in.”  Talk about visions coming true!


When I stepped inside that studio, I immediately felt pure serenity, presence of Spirit, and deep gratitude.  I was filled with such joy and said, "this space is for all of us, all who need it, all who will walk through these doors".  I can now foster my dream and mission of providing a healing space for all.  I have such gratitude for what I have been graced with, and especially my husband; for making it possible for me to simply walk across my lawn!