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"The Way"

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If you are on this website, you have found "the way" to the Source Light Healing; the powerful and unique healing "experience" for humanity to reconnect to The Source within The Oneness of all. The ministry of "The Way" empowers you to go forward on your journey heart-centered in the knowing that Spirit continues to guide, teach and love you every step of "the way".
The Great Spiritual Masters say: 
In order to ascertain their best spiritual trajectory, humanity must open to, absorb and practice The Source Light Healing. This is why the ministry of "the way" is such an important part of the healing.

SLH Ministry session - 1 hour; $90

Homeopathic Guidance & Support

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Homeopathy is used to expel the imbalances out of the body and allow the body to heal.  These remedies stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and work on a cellular level.


ALL conventional meds have side effects on the body because they force the body to “act” in a certain way. Allopathic medicine suppresses symptoms in the body while homeopathy works with the body’s natural defenses to rebalance.


I believe that allopathic medicine certainly has it’s time and place, but we can also give our own bodies the chance to do what it does best: heal the core of the condition instead of the symptom. Homeopathy can also be used to support the allopathic route.

Homeopathy guidance and support can be offered as an add-on to any session ($60).

Psychotherapeutic Empathy


As an empath I was born with the gift of being able to know and feel what others are experiencing or expressing intrinsically. As a child this was very confusing to me, but now I consider it  a great gift for navigating my own journey and helping others. As an incarnate angel, I connect directly with my spiritual coalition so you are heard and held within sacred light, free of any judgement or human imposed opinion. This allows for complete openness, trust and vulnerability in order to get to "the source" of the matter. As we hold hands with open hearts, talking through your struggles you begin the process of unblocking the emotions you need to release.  Having your voice and putting words to what is causing heartache, and eventually physical pain, opens the door to begin the healing process. The Source Light Healing (recommended) is the actual clearing of those energies, once and for all, so there is no longer the need to revisit them repeatedly.
I will sit with you, in complete presence to your situation, as we navigate the appropriate healing path that feels right for you.

1 hour session, $90.

Flower Essences & Aroma Therapy


What could be more pure and natural than Mother Nature’s bounty. I am a huge believer in flower essences; Mother Earth’s beautiful, healing gift to us all.  I use them in combination with all of my other healing work.  I have witnessed the calm balance they bring to my family and clients; helping them to aid concentration, sleep more peacefully, to, promote calm in times of trauma, taking them out of fear, etc.


Flower essences keep you balanced and moving forward starting at a vibrational level, then moving through to other levels; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  Therefore they restore health and balance by addressing the issues beneath the symptoms, in a non-invasive, subtle, yet powerful way.


As part of your energy healing I can create a flower essence blend, exact to your energetic and emotional needs, for what you require to address in order to help support you in your journey to wellness, as well as a flower essence protocol. 

Flower Essence Protocol $60.00

Healing Hands Essential Blend Spray Mister

(4 oz bottle) $25.00.

Let's Talk About Food!

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Food is my favorite subject, and an important part of full-circle healing.  This is where we heal the body.  I am the most “all about the food” person you will meet.  I started cooking and baking at a very young age and as I got older I turned my energy into taking every recipe and turning it into a healthier version.  As I developed food allergies, I became a food scientist of sorts.  Now I create my own recipes for a cookbook I am working on.  Whether or not that comes to fruition remains to be seen but in the meantime my friends and family reap the benefits of my experiments and they are even kind enough to eat my mistakes.  I love serving samples of my allergy free treats to my clients for feedback.  My specialty is Allergy and Lifestyle Specific goods, since so many suffer from food sensitivities these days.  So many of the prepared items in stores contain so much excess sugar when it really isn't necessary.  We are sweet enough!

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