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Holding Hands With Open Hearts

 Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit

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The Source Light Healing 
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Meet Cheryl,

Your Healer


 My studio is a safe place for all who wish to come for a unique, full-circle healing experience. All that is shared is within the sacred arms of Spirit and held in strict confidence. It is a place where we open our hearts, without judgement, and hold hands on our journey; in support of each other.  I invite you to come hold hands with me as we heal together. We are here for all of us!

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Note: Please refrain from wearing harsh perfumes or chemical scents for appointments as the healer and some of her clients are highly sensitive.

The Source Light

Kundalini Reiki


Homeopathic Guidance & Support

Integrated Energy Therapy®

Psycho-Therapeutic Empathy

Flower Essences

& Aroma Therapy

What Clients Have Said...

"Cheryl is highly inspired to live her authentic self as she assists others to accomplish the same. Among her many gifts I have experienced thus far are terrific compassion, insight, empathy, intuition and connection to spirit that has helped me to evolve toward greater peace, happiness and calm confidence. You too can embrace your highest self while being nourished at many levels including great homemade tasty food to bolster your body as well as your soul. I am grateful to have connected with her at an extremely challenging time in my life." ~ Dr. Julianne Forbes, ND

Cheryl, I remember when I first came to you. I was so distraught and out of balance. I am so grateful for all you have done for me. Regular Source Light Healing sessions have opened me up, allowing me to feel steady and find my path. ~ Lisa Defosse, Maine

"This book ( The Source Light Healing ) is powerful. I had the pleasant experience of ascending towards The Light. I now sleep much better and continually experience more calmness in my daily life (as a result of The Source Light Healing session). Give this book and experience a chance. You won't be disappointed." ~ Peter Bollen, Maine

"Thank you Cheryl for the wonderful Source Light Healing Session.  I haven’t felt this good and had such a good outlook in a long time.  I slept well too!" ~ Andy Bradford

"I wanted to let you know that the sore part in the center of my chest is completely gone, just like that!  It is amazing how sore I was and now it is totally gone.  It was a great session today.  I released a lot.  I had the grain free coconut muffin today and I loved it. You are an amazing cook.  Thank you!" ~ Karen Tibbets

"Cheryl is a gifted healer and has helped me tremendously, through some of the toughest times in my life. She provides empowering sessions that really encourage me to open my mind and heart to everything that is already inside of me. Cheryl has inspired and helped me overcome emotional and physical traumas and feel more balanced and happy.  She is so easy to talk to and her studio is welcoming and cozy. You are sure to leave with some amazing insight....and maybe even one of her specialty sweet treats!"​ ~ JC, Maine

"Cheryl, I just wanted to say thank you! I really enjoyed reading The Source Light Healing. It has already helped me clarify my thoughts and navigate through my daily challenges. I reach back for it again and again"!

~ Phil Burg, Chicago IL

"Cheryl, you are amazing! I talked with my son and told him you would be doing a distant healing session for him.  He was very open to your healing.  He said he was wondering why he wasn’t feeling more upset today.  He said he was sad, but not crying like before, and today he said he is doing really well, so good he felt guilty.  I really do not understand all you do but I believe in you and that is all I need. Thank you!" ~ CC, Maine

"Cheryl is a gifted healer. Her gifts include making me feel so welcomed and comforted.  Cheryl has created an environment of healing.  She was close to me on the table; yet she is so quietly doing her thing, I barely noticed her!  She plays the best music to soothe and the healing provided me with great insight; a “knowing” of what my next steps should be in my life.  Wisdom was imparted.  Laughter and joy are shared and Cheryl always ends her sessions with quiet reflective time.  I highly recommend her food products and the flower essences.  I have been using the flower essences for healing at home on myself and my mother.  I have noticed increased peace and joy as a result." ~ Victoria Shaw, Maine


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, but felt in the heart.

~Helen Keller

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